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Events this semester

Procter & Gamble in Emerging Markets
(27th February, 16:00, HSG 07-003)

Register using this link:

We are excited to announce our next in-person event and Apéro with P&G, a fast-moving consumer goods manufacturer operating in over 80 countries with gross sales of more than $15 billion USD in emerging markets.

We will be joined by Zakaria Mekouar, Global Strategy and Innovation Finance Director. He has extensive experience in emerging markets and will present P&G as well as a turnaround case study.


With P&G recruiting over 25 interns and finance managers every year in Switzerland, you will have a unique opportunity to understand the true diversity of a finance career at P&G, and explore the opportunities ahead of you to develop, grow and make a real impact. In addition, exciting opportunities are also available in marketing and consumer market knowledge functions in their Geneva headquarters.


After the presentation, there will be a Q&A session and an apéro to address any questions you may have.


As space is limited, please register using this link:

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Here are some impressions from previous events:

2022 Highlights

Startups & Venture Capital in Emerging Markets

Join us on Tuesday, 29th November, to get a deeper insight into startups and venture capital in emerging markets. We are excited to announce that we will be hosting Vargha Moayed and Goodwell Investments.


Vargha Moayed held the Chief Strategy Officer position for UiPath, a leading enterprise software automation company, and contributed in establishing them as a global stock-listed tech leader from humble beginnings as a Romanian based start-up. Throughout his career, Moayed has worked in a wide range of industries including high-tech, telecom, retail, and heavy industries in many regions of the world. This invaluable exposure has given him first-hand insights into what makes companies and managers successful under different circumstances and in different industries.


Goodwell Investments is a pioneering impact investment firm providing early-stage equity to high growth, high impact businesses in emerging markets. Since 2006, Goodwell has raised five funds and is managing over $310m in capital. Their 35+ portfolio companies have consolidated annual revenues exceeding EUR 400 million and reach over 300 million people across 47 countries globally. Through past financial performance, the firm has demonstrated its ability to simultaneously deliver significant social impact and strong financial returns.

Vargha Moayed.png

Consulting and Entrepreneurship in Emerging Markets

Kersten Pucks is a Senior Partner at McKinsey & Company with extensive experience in leading consulting projects in emerging markets. His area of expertise is related to complex and large-scale success fee-based corporate transformations. Beyond his success in consulting, Kersten has co-founded Gocongo, an agribusiness in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Join this event and find out more about consulting in emerging markets, how Kersten ventured into agricultural entrepreneurship in Africa, and what challenges he has overcome along the way.

Kersten Puchs.jpeg

Taiwan Strait Crisis

Just one day after a U.S. delegation led by Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan on August 3rd and vowed to preserve its democracy and self-determination, the Chinese military carried out missile strikes as part of its biggest-ever military drills in the vicinity of Taiwan. This came after months of high tensions and continuous Chinese threats of invasion. Will this mark a turning point in Sino-American relations and does the fourth Taiwan Strait Crisis have the potential to lead the world into new stages of geopolitical and economic turmoil? To answer these questions and more, we are pleased to announce our speakers, two experts in the field: 


Eric Olander is the co-founder of the China Global South Project, an independent, non-partisan media initiative dedicated to exploring every facet of China’s engagement in Africa. Eric is a longtime China-watcher with more than 25 years of journalism experience at many of the world’s leading media companies including CNN, the BBC, and FRANCE24 among others. He has an extensive background working in newsrooms and doing content production in the U.S., Europe, Africa, and Asia. China, though, has been the central focus of Eric’s professional career. 


Prof. Dr. Tomas Casas Klett is a professor at the University of St. Gallen’s (HSG) Research Institute for International Management (FIM), specializing in international business with a focus on China. As a director at the University of St. Gallen’s China Competence Center, Professor Casas Klett supervises various research initiatives on matters including inter alia the Sino-Swiss Free Trade Agreement (FTA), the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and entrepreneurship & innovation in China. He also was a member of the World Economic Forum’s Global Future Councils (2016-2018) and is a WEF Expert Network member. 

Eric Olander.jpeg
Tomas Casas Klett.jpeg

Private Equity in Emerging Markets

We are happy to shed light on the accelerating growth of the PE-sector in Africa with two outstanding speakers:

The first speaker is Peter Tropper who has more than 35 years of investment and advisory experience in 110 countries and over 200 funds. His guidance is regularly sought by fund managers, institutional investors and policymakers. He has been appointed to numerous PE fund advisory committees and teaches at the Wharton MBA School. Peter also teaches “Private Equity in Emerging Markets” and will give us an introduction to this topic.

The second speaker is Patrick Herrmann who is a Senior Investment Manager at AfricInvest and a HSG-Alumni. After finishing his Master’s degree in Banking and Financing and working for Credit Suisse, Patrick joined AfricInvest, an Africa-focused private equity investor. He will be able to give us hands-on experience in private equity in emerging markets.


Consulting Governments & Institutions in emerging markets

Gain first-hand insights into the leading public sector strategy consultancy in the Middle East & Africa region. In an unfiltered and personal manner, Oliver Wyman Principal, Paul Love, will join us remotely from Doha for a keynote on his most influential projects and the challenges of life as a consultant.

We follow up with a fireside chat + Q&A, to address all your questions. 
Since the semester break is calling just after the event, we are inviting you on an apéro to kick it off together.


Entrepreneurship in emerging markets

Starting and building a business is always a rocky road. But what are the experiences of entrepreneurs who founded a company from scratch in emerging markets, in smaller or absent startup ecosystems, with less legal certainty and a lack of government support and infrastructure? 

We have invited three founders who have managed to successfully overcome these challenges and build promising ventures in Africa and Latin America in one of the most relevant markets of the next decade: Digital Health / Health-Tech.

Immo Oliver Paulis the founder and CEO of Carenet Longevity, the largest digital health data integrator in Latin America, which is based on exponential technologies such as IoMT, Big Data and Machine Learning. Speaking at the EMC means "coming home" for Immo, as he holds both his Bachelor and Master degree from HSG.

Sedric Degbo is the founder and CEO of REMA. The fast-growing health-tech venture follows the vision of lowering the number of medical errors by providing a platform that facilitates the exchange of knowledge between medical professionals.

Bráulio Bonoto is a Brazilian entrepreneur and the co-founder and executive director of Psyalive in Latin America. The Brazilian health-tech venture aims to help people achieve better mental balance by providing an online platform that facilitates access to psychologists through security-certified encrypted videoconferencing technology and facial biometrics systems.

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